Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Lirik Lagu bondan prakoso for all


Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu bondan prakoso for all atau bondan prakoso for all Lyric. Dapatkan Lirik lagu bondan prakoso for all lainnya di DamarWeb.

Gratis Lirik lagu bondan prakoso for all. Langsung saja, silahkan disimak lirik lagu dari bondan prakoso for all berikut ini:

brrrap... yoyo... we cumin at ya, straight at ya, yo we back again
bringin up da 3rd sound, boy... now open yer ears
with a 'lil twist like diz... with optimist like this
no more excuse... ready to use... gonna be like diz

down wit the best cuz im down wit the beast
the 3rd... (hell yeah) put up ya first up like diz!
my name lezano i've got the funky rhyme...
we doin something new... we doin all the time

cum on everybody put yer hands up!!

hello everybody yo this is how we doit
Mr. B dan F2B yo represent the third family
rezpect and unity
is an icon for the industry
so here we comes the latest for all... can u feel me?
always trying sumthin' different for you we make it real
Mr. B, T.I.T.Z Santoz and lezano
all sound senorita, for all... Pe*****!!

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bring back the beat B... bring that shit
ive got a full beat on my trunkz... its time to hit!
3 emcee and one beat maker... this is for ya all...
people... juz check it out yo!!

back to reff:

untuk jawaban... yang ku yakin ada diatas...
untuk kenikmatan... yang ku yakin ada diatas...
agar kurasakan... biar kurasakan...
nikmatnya bernafas...

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